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St George's Memorial Church
Their New Bells
Under the inspiration, driving force and dedication of Alan Regin, St George’s Memorial Church now has a new set of bells and these, in comparison to those they replaced, are capable of being rung.

Alan has been Steward of the Central Council Rolls of Honour for several years. He has worked hard to ensure that the rolls are as complete as possible, to the extent that an additional volume was required. He is also responsible for most of the photos and other additional material now forming part of the online version of the Rolls of Honour having visited many of the war cemeteries and memorials around the world where ringers are commemorated (or for some of the more distant ones, such as Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, persuading other ringers to visit and take photographs when their trips took them nearby). During the centenary period he has organised publication in The Ringing World of monthly lists of ringing casualties for that month a century ago, and been a member of the band for many of the peal and quarter peal attempts organised to commemorate those ringers who lost their lives. It was of particular pleasure to read that Alan’s devotion to campanology has been recognised in the 2018 New Year Honours List and awarded an MBE.

I was delighted to be able to assist with the organization of the delivery of the bells in Ypres but it was not a solo effort. A great deal of help was provided by a host of good people in Ypres that included:
Schepen Verschoore from Ypres Town Council and a member of his staff, Peter Slosse;
Benoit Mottrie, Chairman of the Last Post Association;
Unloading the vehicles at Tyne Cot was arranged by Steven Vandenbussche;
The storage of the vehicles in the Infantry Barracks in Ypres was organised by Kolonel Christophe Onraet and his colleagues on site, Lieutenant Kolonel Carol Vermeulen and members of his staff.

A new ring of 8 bells which have been cast at the world famous bell foundry of John Taylor & Co in Loughborough for St George's Memorial Church in Ypres arrived in Ypres on Tuesday 30th August.

They left Loughborough on Tuesday 22nd August on First World War Dennis and Thornycroft army lorries owned by John Arthur and John Marshall from North Yorkshire. Richard Cockcroft assisted with the driving of the vehicles. Road transport was provided by Stuart Ritchie of E & N Ritchie Hauliers, Co Durham. The bells and lorries were part of the World War One commemorative display at the Great Dorset Steam Fair (from 24th to 28th August inclusive). The Great Dorset Steam Fair sponsored the road transport costs from Loughborough, Leicestershire, to the Great Dorset Steam Fair and then onto Ypres.

The bells and the lorries programme was:

Wednesday 30th August 2017

The Bells will be in Belgium and will travel from Tyne Cot Cemetery to the Menin Gate on the Dennis & Thornycroft lorries were present at the Last Post Ceremony at 8.00pm. The route and timings were:
2.30pm - 4.30pm Tyne Cot Cemetery Parking area
5.10pm - 5.35pm Hooge Crater Cemetery
5.50pm - 6.25pm Perth Cemetery (China Wall)
6.40pm - 7.15pm Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm)
7.30pm                    Arrive at Menin Gate
8.00pm                   Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate  
8.30pm                   Depart Menin Gate       

Thursday 31st August 2017
The Bells travel to St George's Memorial Church on the Dennis & Thornycroft lorries via Ypres Reservoir Cemetery and the Grote Markt, before arriving at the Church:
09.45am – 10.10am Ypres Reservoir Cemetery
10.20am – 10.50am The Grote Markt
11.00am                       Arrive at St George’s Memorial Church

At 5.00pm a special service was held in St George's Memorial Church where the bells were dedicated on the floor of the Church.

The fine tower of St George’s Memorial Church was built to contain change ringing bells, bells controlled by rope and wheel that turn through 360 degrees when they are rung and will be the first of their kind in Belgium. The inscriptions on the bells follow the same pattern of individual or group commemoration found in the church. Each bell has a Poppy motif cast around the shoulder.

The bells were hung in the tower during September and then other work in the tower was completed ready for the final dedication service which was held on:

Sunday 22nd October 2017

The bells were dedicated in the tower at a special service starting at 11.00am. The service was conducted by The Rt. Revd Dr Robert Innes, Bishop in Europe.

A set of 16 Victorian handbells that belonged to a Great War Veteran have been donated to the project by John Coles. These will be fully restored by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and be available to local and visiting ringers.

Memorial Book

Timothy Noad, professional illuminator and calligrapher, has been commissioned to create a Memorial Book that will be on display in the newly panelled ringing room. Each of the 64 inscriptions on the bells will be recorded in the book together with details of the donors.
The Knott Brothers
Captain Henry Basil Knott
9th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers
Died on Tuesday 7th September 1915, aged 24
Grave reference V. B. 16, Ypres Town Cemetery.

Basil was born at the Manor House, Newcastle, on Thursday 5th February 1891, younger son of Sir James Knott, 1st Baronet, and Lady Margaret Knott, of Close House, Wylamon-Tyne, who was Member of Parliament for Sunderland in 1910. He was educated privately followed by Eton College as a member of Mr Arthur Conolly Gage Heygate’s House, leaving in 1910. He became a Director in the family shipping company, the Prince Line of Newcastle.
At the outbreak of war Basil volunteered and was commissioned in September 1914 and went into training with his brother at Bovington. He was promoted to Captain and left for Boulogne, France on Thursday 15th July 1915 on the SS Invicta. Basil was sent to northern France to complete his training before crossing the border to begin tours of duty in the front line.
Henry was in action at the Bois Carré, Vierstraat, and was mortally wounded in the head by a rifle bullet and was taken to No 10 Casualty Clearing Station at ‘Remy Sidings’ where he died the next day, and was buried in Poperinghe New Cemetery.
Henry left an estate of £20,196 13s 8d (approximately £1,691,255.00 today).
His father, Sir James, disposed of his company by the end of 1916 after the death of Basil’s brother, Jim and moved to Jersey. It was his wish to have the bodies of both his sons brought back to England but the authorities would not bend, despite him using all the connections and influence he had. Finally, they agreed that both boys would be buried next to each other, and so Basil was exhumed and moved to Ypres Reservoir and his brother brought from Fricourt, France.
There are buried now next to each and both graves carry the same inscription: “Devoted in life, in death not divided”.
Basil and Jim Knott are commemorated on many memorials raised their memory. They include:
In the porch of St George’s Memorial Church, Ypres, there are three plaques to the Knott family including one to their father who donated large sums of money to the church. A trust fund in his memory was created that still operates to this day: www.knott-trust.co.uk
The inscriptions in St George’s Memorial Church read:
“To the glory of God and in memory of his two sons killed in action. Major James Leadbitter Knott, DSO, 10th West Yorkshire Regiment, Captain Henry Basil Knott, 9th Northumberland Fusiliers. This tower was given by Sir James Knott. MDCCCCXXVIIII.”
“To the glory of God and in memory Major James Leadbitter Knott, DSO, 10th West Yorkshire Regiment, Captain Henry Basil Knott, 9th Northumberland Fusiliers, killed in action the bells in this tower were consecrated 11th November 1997.”
They are commemorated at Collercoats, Heddon, and Wylam, a memorial park at Heddon was created by their father. In St James and St Basil, Fenham, Newcastle, a pair of stained glass window show each brother in uniform.
He was recorded in Debretts Obituary — War Roll of Honour published in the 1921 edition.
His eldest brother, Thomas, who was working in New Zealand at the outbreak of war, served during the war and survived. He succeeded to the title and lived in Courtland, Exmouth, Devon.
For further information, see ‘A History of the Knott Family’ by Joan R Duckett, and ‘Pride of the Princes - History of The Prince Line’ by Norman L Middlemiss.

Major James Leadbitter ‘Jim’ Knott, DSO
10th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own)
Died on Saturday 1st July 1916, aged 33
Grave reference V. B. 15, Ypres Town Cemetery.

Citation for the Distinguished Service Order, London Gazette, Saturday 3rd June 1916:
“War Office, 3 Jun. 1916. His Majesty the King has been graciously pleased to approve of the undermentioned rewards for distinguished service in the field, dated 3 June, 1916.” His name is listed below.

Jim was born on Saturday 2nd December 1882, elder son of Sir James Knott, 1st Baronet, and Lady Margaret Knott, of Close House, Wylamon-Tyne, who was Member of Parliament for Sunderland in 1910. He was educated at Eton College as a member of the Reverend Henry Daman’s and Mr Hugh Vibart Macnaghten’s Houses, leaving in 1900 and then travelled extensively in North America. He was appointed Deputy Managing Director to his father in The Prince Line, a shipping company in Newcastle.
Like his father, Jim took a great interest in politics and was selected as the Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Liberal-held constituency of Hyde. In 1916 a by-election was called in the seat but Jim gave up the opportunity of being the candidate so that he could remain at the front.
At the outbreak of war Jim volunteered and was gazetted and went into training with his brother at Bovington. He was promoted to Captain on Saturday 21st November 1914.
Early on Wednesday 14th July 1915 Jim arrived in Boulogne and entrained at 3.50pm for Lumbres. He marched with his men to billets in the Ouve area. Jim marched to Arques on Sunday 18th and after resting overnight moved to Steenvoorde. After the tiring march all ranks were delighted to have two days rest before continuing the march across the Belgian border to La Clytte, arriving in the early hours of Friday 23rd. All ranks were sent into the trenches in front of Kemmel for practical training with experienced, battle-hardened troops. On Monday 26th Private Arthur Hall was mortally wounded and died the next day; he was the first to be killed from the Battalion that brought home to everyone the reality of the Western Front — he is buried in Westouter Churchyard and Extension.
The Battalion began its first tour of duty in its own right on Monday 2nd August in the line between the Vierstraat to Wytschaete road and the Verbrandenmolen. At 10.45am a bombardment of the line began and at 11.10am the enemy blew a mine close to ‘B’ Company that wounded Lieutenant Maidlow and four of his men, however two German soldiers were killed! A week later Jim transferred north to support an attack at Hooge. A welcome break from the front line came early on Saturday 14th August when Jim arrived in La Clytte for twelve days of rest and training. When not instructing or organising his mens activities Jim was able to visit Bailleul and enjoy the cafés, concerts, restaurants and other facilities that abounded in the town. The reality of the Western Front returned on Thursday 26th when he marched with his men from La Clytte to relieve the Border Regiment in the front line near ‘Dead Dog Farm’, St Eloi.
The Battalion remained in the sector until the end of October when they were sent to Hooge that was described: “The trenches taken over were in a very bad condition. They had all suffered heavily from both our own and the enemy’s shellfire during the fighting between the end of July and the 25th September. Several trenches had been entirely destroyed and in the support and reserve lines it had not been possible to reconstruct them. North of the Menin Road the trenches varied from 80 to 20 yards distant from the enemy’s front trenches. The large crater blown up on June 10th, when the 3rd Division attacked, is 80 feet across and 40 deep. The inside has been constantly shelled and some hundreds of men are buried in it. On the line south of the Menin Road there is a gap of 200 feet between C.1 and C.3 trenches. It has never been possible to reconstruct the intervening trench C.2 as it is constantly destroyed by enemy fire. Zouave Wood is a mass of debris and broken trees. The enemy opposite are Wurtemburgers and regiments from Alsace.” Jim was relieved on Monday 1st November; he spent the rest of the month on tours of duty in the sector. The first ten days of December were spent in reserve at ‘York Huts’ before returning to Hooge for a tour. Jim and his men were looking forward to some rest in their camp at Busseboom, where they had arrived on Wednesday 15th December, but due to a gas attack they were stood to. Christmas Day was spent out of the line but Jim was back on duty in the trenches on Boxing Day where a raid was countered later in the evening.
Jim left the trenches of the Salient on Friday 7th January 1916 and after a series of marches with his men took them to Ruminghem where training continued until Saturday 5th February. He returned to a camp in Reninghelst on Monday 7th, a week later Jim was about to march to the line at St Eloi when the enemy blew a mine under ‘The Bluff’ so the relief was postponed. It was not until 6.00pm did the Battalion relieve the 10th Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. Jim continued fighting in the sector and on Monday 28th February the Brigade Diary recorded: “10th West Yorkshire’s Intelligence Officer has sent in reports of considerable value as to the enemy’s works on the Bluff, which has enabled the artillery to destroy them. This officer, and the Intelligence Officer of the 7th Yorkshires, also discovered some enemy strong points opposite the trenches held by their Regiments. These are being destroyed by the siege battery.” Following a terrific bombardment on Wednesday 1st March the Battalion was involved in a fierce fight and lost one hundred and twenty officers and men, killed and wounded.
Active service in Belgium ended on Sunday 12th March; Jim was moved to the Armentières sector a week later where he remained until being sent south on Friday 12th May to train at Bayenghem for the Battle of the Somme. The first main action that Jim would take part in was at Fricourt, as described in the Divisional Diary: “As Fricourt Village and Wood had been excluded from attack in the first phase of operations, it was decided to cover the right flank of the 21st Division, by occupying the north edge of Fricourt village as far as Red Cottage and Lonely Copse. This attack was allotted to the 50th Infantry Brigade, which was therefore detached and placed under the orders of the G.O.C., 21st Division, and under his orders this brigade took over the trenches opposite Fricourt Village, with instructions to advance against their objective at 7.30 a.m. on the 1st July.”
The Battalion received the following order for the attack: “The 7th Yorkshire Regiment will assault on a front from the Wing Corner to south side of German Tambour in conjunction with the 22nd Brigade on the right, with the following objectives:
(1)    Of clearing up to the eastern edge of Fricourt Village from Well Lane to Cottage Trench and Cottage Trench to Willow Avenue, there joining with the 22nd Brigade (7th Division). On reaching this objective the Battalion will re-organize with the objective of
(2)    Clearing Fricourt Wood as far as Willow Trench and the track leading N.N.E. to X.28.C.8.0 as soon as the barrage on the west front of Fricourt Wood lifts (i.e. 2nd Zero plus fifteen minutes from S.W. edge of wood and 2nd Zero plus one hour forty-five minutes from a parallel line 150 yards back from edge of wood).
The 10th West Yorkshire Regiment will co-operate with the 7th Yorkshire Regiment against both objectives.
The boundary between the two battalions will be —
(1)    Through Fricourt village:- The line of trenches running from the junction of Hare Lane and Red Trench to Well Lane at F.3.b. central,
(2)    Through Fricourt Wood:- Roughly the line of clearing running N.E. through the middle of the wood.”

At 7.30am Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Dickson and Jim (his Second in Command) led the third and fourth companies forward only to be cut down by machine gun fire, they and most of their men were killed.
The War diary reads: “On 1st July 1916 at 7.30 a.m. the Battalion took part in the grand assault. Casualties were very heavy, chiefly, caused by machine guns which enfiladed our left flank and were so deadly that the third and fourth lines failed to get across ‘No Man’s Land’, resulting in 22 Officer casualties, including the Commanding Officer, Lt.-Col. Dickson and Major J. L. Knott, Second in Command were both killed and approximately 750 other ranks.”   
Jim was originally buried alongside Lieutenant Colonel Dickson in Fricourt New Military Cemetery. After the war he was reburied with his brother, see above.
A letter that Jim wrote home the day he was killed is displayed in the West Yorkshire Regiment Memorial Chapel in York Minster. The envelope was marked: “This letter is only to be sent to my father in the event of my death before 15 July 1916.” The letter reads:
British Army in the Field
1 July 1916
My dearest Father and Mother,
If you are reading this letter is means that this war has demanded the extreme sacrifice from me, and my object in writing is to bring you as far as I can, some measure of consolation and courage and patience to bear your sorrow.
It is not in any sense a message from the grave because whatever I may or may not doubt, I have very complete faith in the Life Eternal.
I know that I will be with you when you are reading this, and I want you to realise, and always remember that, although Providence has been decided that I may not return to you in the flesh, that I shall be always with you in the Spirit sharing your joys and sorrows.
I feel compelled by my knowledge of you both to write this, because my own great anxiety at the present time is the possibility of your collapse if I follow ‘Pomp’.
Momentous events are looming up and I have a premonition that I may not return to you. I have been dreaming of Basil recently, and I have an indistinct recollection of a letter in Basil’s handwriting dated June 1916, which I feel is his warning message. If I am correct then you will both know Basil and I are happy.
I hope and desire above all things that you will unduly grieve. You must not think harshly of me for refusing to accept safe employment, even if my action results and your sorrow. We have all to show courage — those out here in facing the music and taking what comes in a stoic manner — those at home in facing the loneliness that must follow the casualties of severe fighting.
I do want you to know and realise how deeply and whole-heartedly I have appreciated and loved you both for your unselfish devotion and all-forgiving love. My life has been one uninterrupted period of all that a man could wish for or desire. If I die now I am content to do so. Life is sweet, and holds out all that a young man could desire — power, wealth and above all, great love, but I want you to know that I faced the future fearlessly, and that I was cheerful and satisfied.
My medals are yours but I should like them destroyed when you both join me — whenever that may be.
Always remember that I am relying upon you both to be good brave parents, and that I can only be really happy in a new life if I know and can see that you are happy too.
My clothes, furniture and motor car must all be immediately disposed of, everything which reminds you of my death must be removed — this is my urgent desire and wish.
God grant that you will be given health, strength and happiness for many years.
Your devoted son,

Jim left an estate of £104,350 2s 0d (approximately £8,738,269.00 today).
He is commemorated on several memorials, see his brother above for further details.
Jim was recorded in Debretts Obituary — War Roll of Honour published in the 1921 edition.

Cemetery & POI GPS Positions

Cemetery & POI GPS Postions
Please find below a list of cemeteries and points of interest for Belgium and France.
If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know via the Contact Page
and I will add them or amend the existing data.
Abeele Aerodrome Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.81482  Longitude: 2.655734
Adegem Canadian War Cemetery — Latitude: 51.202761  Longitude: 3.504472
Adinkerke Churchyard Extension — Latitude: 51.074975  Longitude: 2.598937
Adinkerke Military Cemetery — Latitude: 51.070587  Longitude: 2.601416
Aeroplane Cemetery, Ieper — Latitude: 50.864246  Longitude: 2.930798
Alberta Bunker, St Juliaan — Latitude: 50.89007  Longitude: 2.93353
Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial, Neupre — Latitude: 50.541574  Longitude: 5.469325
Artillery Wood Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.899754  Longitude: 2.872442
Audenarde American Monument, Oudenaarde (Audenarde) — Latitude: 50.846456  Longitude: 3.601898
Bard Cottage Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.876540  Longitude: 2.868880
Bedford House Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.828556  Longitude: 2.887601
Belgian Battery Corner Cemetery, Ypres — Latitude: 50.839310  Longitude: 2.861301
Belgrade Cemetery, Namur — Latitude: 50.472400  Longitude: 4.833862
Berks Cemetery Extension, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.737831  Longitude: 2.882249
Bethleem Farm East Cemetery, Mesen — Latitude: 50.759638  Longitude: 2.911444
Bethleem Farm West Cemetery, Mesen — Latitude: 50.759674  Longitude: 2.911345
Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.847626  Longitude: 2.928181
Blauwpoort Farm Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.831507  Longitude: 2.910073
Bleuet Farm Cemetery, Elverdinge — Latitude: 50.887878  Longitude: 2.832595
Brandhoek Military Cemetery, Vlamertinge — Latitude: 50.852704  Longitude: 2.79104
Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No 3, Vlamertinge — Latitude: 50.851977  Longitude: 2.787222
Brandhoek New Military Cemetery, Vlamertinge — Latitude: 50.852438  Longitude: 2.788086
Bridge House Cemetery, Langemark-Poelkapelle — Latitude: 50.879708  Longitude: 2.936774
Brussels Town Cemetery, Evere — Latitude: 50.864562  Longitude: 4.417434
Buffs Road Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.876359  Longitude: 2.916382
Bus House Cemetery, Voormezele — Latitude: 50.813062  Longitude: 2.887426
Buttes New British Cemetery, Polygon Wood, Zonnebeke — Latitude: 50.856937  Longitude: 2.990879
Cabin Hill Cemetery, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.774065  Longitude: 2.90346
Calvaire (Essex) Military Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.718213  Longitude: 2.896351
Canada Farm Cemetery, Elverdinge — Latitude: 50.887956  Longitude: 2.781798
Canadian Memorial Passendale - Crest Farm, Passendale — Latitude: 50.897791  Longitude: 3.013153
Canadian Memorial, Hill 62 — Latitude: 50.83515  Longitude: 2.94721
Canadian Memorial, Langemark-Poelkapelle — Latitude: 50.899646  Longitude: 2.940046
Cement House Cemetery, Langemark — Latitude: 50.905192  Longitude: 2.907456
Charleroi Communal Cemetery, Charleroi — Latitude: 50.424950  Longitude: 4.455035
Chester Farm Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.821267  Longitude: 2.901659
Clapham Junction, Menin Road — Latitude: 50.84347  Longitude: 2.96192
Colne Valley Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.885453  Longitude: 2.878267
Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Ieper — Latitude: 50.85149  Longitude: 2.87738
Courtrai (St Jean) Communal Cemetery, St. Jean — Latitude: 50.827886  Longitude: 3.244885
Coxyde Military Cemetery — Latitude: 51.104719  Longitude: 2.642344
Croonaert Chapel Cemetery, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.800522  Longitude: 2.875224
Cuesmes Communal Cemetery, Cuesmes — Latitude: 50.434305  Longitude: 3.921277
Dadizele New British Cemetery, Dadizele — Latitude: 50.848433  Longitude: 3.088199
De Panne Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 51.086698  Longitude: 2.600392
Death Mill or Totemühle, near St Juliaan — Latitude: 50.8974  Longitude: 2.94828
Derry House Cemetery No 2, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.779018  Longitude: 2.9005
Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension  — Latitude: 50.818004  Longitude: 2.832207
Dickebusch New Military Cemetery  — Latitude: 50.818292  Longitude: 2.832319
Dickebusch Old Military Cemetery  — Latitude: 50.81930  Longitude: 2.832897
Divisional Cemetery, Vlamertinge — Latitude: 50.848129  Longitude: 2.858335
Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery Extension, St Jan — Latitude: 50.873967  Longitude: 2.894058
Divisional Collecting Post Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.874057  Longitude: 2.894314
Dochy Farm New British Cemetery, St Juliaan — Latitude: 50.881754  Longitude: 2.972039
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Westvleteren — Latitude: 50.891854  Longitude: 2.698788
Dragoon Camp Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.894201  Longitude: 2.876623
Dranouter Churchyard — Latitude: 50.766601  Longitude: 2.78293
Dranoutre Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.767576  Longitude: 2.780401
Duhallow ADS Cemetery, Ieper — Latitude: 50.864112  Longitude: 2.876986
Elouges Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.40389  Longitude: 3.750867
Elzenwalle Brasserie Cemetery, Voormezele — Latitude: 50.810855  Longitude: 2.859654
Erquelinnes Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.312441  Longitude: 4.131983
Essex Farm Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.870483  Longitude: 2.872862
Ferme-Olivier Cemetery, Elverdinge — Latitude: 50.885433  Longitude: 2.798954
First DCLI Cemetery, Ypres — Latitude: 50.82276  Longitude: 2.913809
Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial, Waregem — Latitude: 50.873579  Longitude: 3.452232
Frameries Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.412625  Longitude: 3.907063
French Military Cemetery St Charles, Potyze-Ieper — Latitude: 50.863578  Longitude: 2.925982
French Ossuary, Mount Kemmel — Latitude: 50.779163  Longitude: 2.81385
German Military Cemetery Hooglede — Latitude: 50.978139  Longitude: 3.093772
German Military Cemetery Langemark — Latitude: 50.920298  Longitude: 2.917442
German Military Cemetery Lommel — Latitude: 51.190248  Longitude: 5.30511
German Military Cemetery Menen — Latitude: 50.808656  Longitude: 3.151239
German Military Cemetery Vladslo — Latitude: 51.071685  Longitude: 2.929105
German Miltary Cemetery Bastogne — Latitude: 50.028896  Longitude: 5.756408
Ghent City Cemetery — Latitude: 51.068222  Longitude: 3.697597
Godezonne Farm Cemetery, Kemmel — Latitude: 50.800479  Longitude: 2.839904
Grootebeek British Cemetery, Ouderdom — Latitude: 50.824857  Longitude: 2.78337
Gunners Farm Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.718736  Longitude: 2.898177
Gwalia Cemetery, Poperinghe — Latitude: 50.874664  Longitude: 2.767249
Hagle Dump Cemetery, Elverdinge — Latitude: 50.861401  Longitude: 2.781794
Halle Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.744965  Longitude: 4.229156
Harelbeke New British Cemetery — Latitude: 50.859356  Longitude: 3.324333
Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.901634  Longitude: 2.614735
Hautrage Military Cemetery, St Ghislain — Latitude: 50.472781  Longitude: 3.783426
Hedge Row Trench Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.821661  Longitude: 2.911525
Heestert Military Cemetery, Zwevegem — Latitude: 50.781444  Longitude: 3.412036
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial — Latitude: 50.696544  Longitude: 5.898752
Heverlee Canadian War Cemetery — Latitude: 50.851015  Longitude: 4.703504
Hill 60 — Latitude: 50.82468  Longitude: 2.92975
Hooge Bunkers and Craters, Hooge Château — Latitude: 50.84639  Longitude: 2.94624
Hooge Crater Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.846222  Longitude: 2.943353
Hooge Crater Museum — Latitude: 50.84634  Longitude: 2.94338
Hop Store Cemetery, Vlamertinge — Latitude: 50.854146  Longitude: 2.808579
Hospital Farm Cemetery, Elverdinge — Latitude: 50.870814  Longitude: 2.800907
Huy (La Sarte) Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.515099  Longitude: 5.254095
Hyde Park Corner (Royal Berks) Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.737778  Longitude: 2.882476
Ijzer Tower, Diksmuide — Latitude: 51.03265  Longitude: 2.85410
Ingoyghem Military Cemetery, Anzegem — Latitude: 50.819455  Longitude: 3.434886
Irish House Cemetery, Kemmel — Latitude: 50.784164  Longitude: 2.852216
Island of Ireland Peace Park — Latitude: 50.75979  Longitude: 2.89572
Kandahar Farm Cemetery, Nieuwkerke — Latitude: 50.755282  Longitude: 2.847373
Kemmel American Monument — Latitude: 50.779301  Longitude: 2.81558
Kemmel Chateau Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.786461  Longitude: 2.828659
Kemmel No1 French Cemetery — Latitude: 50.805498  Longitude: 2.840724
Kezelberg Military Cemetery, Wevelgem — Latitude: 50.833284  Longitude: 3.123373
Kitchener’s Wood — Latitude: 50.88738  Longitude: 2.91915
Klein Vierstraat British Cemetery, Kemmel — Latitude: 50.804929  Longitude: 2.839151
La Belle Alliance Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.873705  Longitude: 2.893121
La Brique Military Cemetery No 1, Sint-Jan — Latitude: 50.864489  Longitude: 2.894421
La Brique Military Cemetery No 2, Sint-Jan — Latitude: 50.864606  Longitude: 2.894378
La Clytte Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.80165  Longitude: 2.800322
La Laiterie Military Cemetery, Kemmel — Latitude: 50.791318  Longitude: 2.841964
La Louviere Town Cemetery — Latitude: 50.481887  Longitude: 4.20336
La Plus Douve Farm Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.754207  Longitude: 2.864984
Lancashire Cottage Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.72915  Longitude: 2.897758
Lankhof Farm Bunkers — Latitude: 50.82234  Longitude: 2.88916
Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.828693  Longitude: 2.922445
Le Touquet Railway Crossing Cemetery, Waasten — Latitude: 50.711256  Longitude: 2.911917
Ledeghem Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.857353  Longitude: 3.127627
Lettenberg Bunkers, Kemmel — Latitude: 50.78231  Longitude: 2.81681
Leuze Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.597587  Longitude: 3.631597
Liege (Robermont) Cemetery — Latitude: 50.632398  Longitude: 5.605395
Lijssenthoek military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.828418  Longitude: 2.701539
Lindenhoek Chalet Military Cemetery, Kemmel — Latitude: 50.776364  Longitude: 2.824115
Locre Churchyard — Latitude: 50.782272  Longitude: 2.77185
Locre Hospice Cemetery — Latitude: 50.779645  Longitude: 2.780572
Locre No 10 Cemetery — Latitude: 50.772093  Longitude: 2.776891
London Rifle Brigade Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.721051  Longitude: 2.882433
London Scottish Memorial, Mesen — Latitude: 50.77256  Longitude: 2.89303
Lone Tree Cemetery, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.775381  Longitude: 2.86203
Maple Copse Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.835663  Longitude: 2.939248
Maple Leaf Cemetery, Nieuwkerke — Latitude: 50.720558  Longitude: 2.838972
Marcinelle New Communal Cemetery, Charleroi — Latitude: 50.378517  Longitude: 4.444008
Memorial to Captain Bowlby — Latitude: 50.85557  Longitude: 2.93029
Memorial to Captain Georges Guynemer — Latitude: 50.91767  Longitude: 2.95708
Memorial to Captain Noel Chavasse, Brandhoek Church — Latitude: 50.85470  Longitude: 2.79018
Memorial to Captain Skrine — Latitude: 50.85557  Longitude: 2.93029
Memorial to Captain Brodie, Glencorse Wood — Latitude: 50.84802  Longitude: 2.97054
Memorial to Francis Ledwidge — Latitude: 50.89790  Longitude: 2.87396
Memorial to Harry Patch — Latitude: 50.90979  Longitude: 2.90864
Memorial to Private Evans or Hedd Wyn — Latitude: 50.90328  Longitude: 2.90097
Memorial to Private Ivor Gurney — Latitude: 50.88006  Longitude: 2.95694
Mendinghem Military Cemetery, Proven — Latitude: 50.898498  Longitude: 2.643898
Menin Gate Memorial — Latitude: 50.851913  Longitude: 2.890472
Menin Road Museum — Latitude: 50.84693  Longitude: 2.93479
Menin Road South Military Cemetery, Ieper — Latitude: 50.849812  Longitude: 2.904526
Messines Ridge British Cemetery, Mesen — Latitude: 50.765286  Longitude: 2.890561
Minty Farm Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.890382  Longitude: 2.909248
Monmouthshire Memorial to the 1st Battalion — Latitude: 50.87612  Longitude: 2.93022
Mons (Bergen) Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.459545  Longitude: 3.974782
Moorseele Military Cemetery, Wevelgem — Latitude: 50.838912  Longitude: 3.167868
Motor Car Corner Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.709828  Longitude: 2.8928
Mud Corner Cemetery), Waasten — Latitude: 50.744215  Longitude: 2.900021
New Irish Farm Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.8729  Longitude: 2.898239
New Zealand Memorial Park, Mesen — Latitude: 50.76076  Longitude: 2.89098
New Zealand Memorial, ‘s Graventafel — Latitude: 50.89067  Longitude: 2.97588
Nieuwkerke Churchyard — Latitude: 50.746295  Longitude: 2.82573
Nieuwpoort Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 51.129633  Longitude: 2.764969
Nieuwpoort Memorial — Latitude: 51.134321  Longitude: 2.757671
Nine Elms British Cemetery, Poperinghe — Latitude: 50.850969  Longitude: 2.696949
No Man’s Cot Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.884785  Longitude: 2.894773
Oak Dump Cemetery, Voormezele — Latitude: 50.813935  Longitude: 2.90934
Oostende New Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 51.209852  Longitude: 2.915952
Oosttaverne Wood Cemetery, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.794226  Longitude: 2.902042
Oxford Road Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.869254  Longitude: 2.915969
Packhorse Farm Shrine Cemetery, Wulvergem — Latitude: 50.769803  Longitude: 2.83245
Passchendaele New British Cemetery — Latitude: 50.893339  Longitude: 2.986293
Perth Cemetery (China Wall), Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.841794  Longitude: 2.920776
Ploegsteert Memorial — Latitude: 50.737786  Longitude: 2.882377
Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.737028  Longitude: 2.908936
Poelcapelle British Cemetery — Latitude: 50.91937  Longitude: 2.970267
Polygon Wood Cemetery, Zonnebeke — Latitude: 50.856955  Longitude: 2.990538
Pond Farm Cemetery, Wulvergem — Latitude: 50.768311  Longitude: 2.846111
Pool of Peace, Spanbroekmolen — Latitude: 50.77658  Longitude: 2.86124
Poperinghe New Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.847594  Longitude: 2.732696
Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.850813  Longitude: 2.728657
Potijze Burial Ground Cemetery — Latitude: 50.860518  Longitude: 2.910159
Potijze Chateau Grounds Cemetery — Latitude: 50.860801  Longitude: 2.915714
Potijze Chateau Lawn Cemetery — Latitude: 50.861081  Longitude: 2.916822
Potijze Chateau Wood Cemetery — Latitude: 50.860404  Longitude: 2.913811
Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Memorial — Latitude: 50.85458  Longitude: 2.95027
Prowse Point Military Cemetery, Waasten — Latitude: 50.744304  Longitude: 2.898759
Quievrain Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.402762  Longitude: 3.687429
Railway Chateau Cemetery, Vlamertinge — Latitude: 50.853685  Longitude: 2.857707
Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm), Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.835934  Longitude: 2.902069
Ramparts Cemetery, Lille Gate, Ypres — Latitude: 50.844943  Longitude: 2.889266
Ramscapelle Road Military Cemetery — Latitude: 51.128704  Longitude: 2.768204
Ration Farm (La Plus Douve) Annexe, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.752632  Longitude: 2.864464
RE Farm Cemetery, Wulvergem — Latitude: 50.766909  Longitude: 2.86075
RE Grave, Railway Wood — Latitude: 50.85357  Longitude: 2.93563
Red Farm Military Cemetery, Brandhoek — Latitude: 50.854582  Longitude: 2.780348
Reninghelst Churchyard Extension — Latitude: 50.814745  Longitude: 2.767036
Reninghelst New Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.818034  Longitude: 2.761384
Ridge Wood Military Cemetery, Voormezele — Latitude: 50.811527  Longitude: 2.850384
Rifle House Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.736794  Longitude: 2.908794
Roeselare Communal Cemetery — Latitude: 50.943378  Longitude: 3.117928
Ruisseau Farm Cemetery, Langemark — Latitude: 50.911615  Longitude: 2.89962
Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.838372  Longitude: 2.944101
Schoonselhof Cemetery — Latitude: 51.170347  Longitude: 4.371159
Seaforth Cemetery, Cheddar Villa — Latitude: 50.879909  Longitude: 2.926667
Solferino Farm Cemetery, Brielen — Latitude: 50.877338  Longitude: 2.844715
Somer Farm Cemetery, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.790122  Longitude: 2.888828
Spanbroekmolen British Cemetery, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.777579  Longitude: 2.8652
Spoilbank Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.819979  Longitude: 2.899447
St George’s Memorial Church, Ieper — Latitude: 50.85237  Longitude: 2.88288
St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery, St Juliaan — Latitude: 50.887576  Longitude: 2.93537
St Quentin Cabaret Military Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.757216  Longitude: 2.854923
Strand Military Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.732874  Longitude: 2.880193
Suffolk Cemetery — Latitude: 50.811491  Longitude: 2.850511
Talana Farm Cemetery, Boezinge — Latitude: 50.883785  Longitude: 2.86606
Talbot House — Latitude: 50.85593  Longitude: 2.72288
Tancrez Farm Military Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.709585  Longitude: 2.901922
The Huts Cemetery, Dikkebus — Latitude: 50.823445  Longitude: 2.820006
The Mardasson Memorial, Bastogne — Latitude: 50.010339  Longitude: 5.738161
Toronto Avenue Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.739311  Longitude: 2.90801
Torreken Farm Cemetery No 1, Wytchaete — Latitude: 50.781095  Longitude: 2.890084
Tournai Communal Cemetery Allied Extension — Latitude: 50.598875  Longitude: 3.375201
Track ‘X’ Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.877901  Longitude: 2.910324
Trenches of Death, Diksmuide — Latitude: 51.04586  Longitude: 2.84297
Tuileries British Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.839663  Longitude: 2.921135
Tyne Cot Cemetery — Latitude: 50.886622  Longitude: 3.000171
Underhill Farm Cemetery, Ploegsteert — Latitude: 50.740993  Longitude: 2.869883
Vichte Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.834922  Longitude: 3.38909
Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.855675  Longitude: 2.820066
Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.847876  Longitude: 2.818662
Voormezeele Enclosure No 3 — Latitude: 50.818604  Longitude: 2.872961
Voormezeele Enclosures Nos 1 and 2 — Latitude: 50.817787  Longitude: 2.873943
Welsh Cemetery (Caesar’s Nose), Boezinge — Latitude: 50.88874  Longitude: 2.882623
Westhof Farm Cemetery, Nieuwkerke — Latitude: 50.737395  Longitude: 2.805186
Westoutre British Cemetery — Latitude: 50.800418  Longitude: 2.744729
Westoutre Churchyard and Extension — Latitude: 50.797509  Longitude: 2.747185
Westvleteren Belgian Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.926871  Longitude: 2.720289
White House Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.861723  Longitude: 2.899159
Wieltje Farm Cemetery, St Jan — Latitude: 50.86757  Longitude: 2.912106
Woods Cemetery, Zillebeke — Latitude: 50.822976  Longitude: 2.914306
Wulvergem-Lindenhoek Road military Cemetery, Wulvergem — Latitude: 50.763973  Longitude: 2.843786
Wytchaete Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.784625  Longitude: 2.877167
Ypres Reservoir Cemetery — Latitude: 50.853545  Longitude: 2.876616
Ypres Town Cemetery — Latitude: 50.854698  Longitude: 2.897455
Ypres Town Cemetery Extension — Latitude: 50.855428  Longitude: 2.89886
Zantvoorde British Cemetery — Latitude: 50.813582  Longitude: 2.983918
Ziegler Bunker — Latitude: 50.91013  Longitude: 2.87062

AIF Burial Ground, Flers, Somme — Latitude: 50.059880  Longitude: 2.831090
Abbeville Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.120910  Longitude: 1.832140
Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.121410  Longitude: 1.832220
Achiet-Le-Grand Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.136000  Longitude: 2.775800
Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont, Somme — Latitude: 50.074150  Longitude: 2.743490
Adelaide Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme — Latitude: 49.870360  Longitude: 2.497910
Aire Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.648830  Longitude: 2.394160
Aix-Noulette Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.430530  Longitude: 2.714120
Allery Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.958430  Longitude: 1.899010
Allonville Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.941220  Longitude: 2.369030
Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel, Somme — Latitude: 50.067820  Longitude: 2.667870
Anneux British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.159750  Longitude: 3.126680
Anzac Cemetery, Sailly-Sur-La-Lys, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.652710  Longitude: 2.763110
Arneke British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.844500  Longitude: 2.401840
Arras Flying Services Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.286700  Longitude: 2.760570
Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.286640  Longitude: 2.760500
Assevillers New British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.896550  Longitude: 2.842420
Auberchicourt British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.326850  Longitude: 3.222010
Aubigny British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.899130  Longitude: 2.484270
Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.348370  Longitude: 2.589210
Auchonvillers Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.080590  Longitude: 2.626740
Auxi-Le-Chateau Churchyard, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.231970  Longitude: 2.120020
Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.024560  Longitude: 2.657130
Avesnes-Sur-Helpe Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.118830  Longitude: 3.920810
Awoingt British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.159210  Longitude: 3.285050
Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt, Somme — Latitude: 50.134300  Longitude: 2.314070
Bailleul Communal Cemetery (Nord), Nord — Latitude: 50.738710  Longitude: 2.741930
Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension (Nord), Nord — Latitude: 50.738730  Longitude: 2.741910
Bailleul Road East Cemetery, St. Laurent-Blangy, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.319930  Longitude: 2.816690
Bancourt British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.102370  Longitude: 2.897480
Bancourt Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.102250  Longitude: 2.897700
Bapaume Australian Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.101600  Longitude: 2.854370
Bapaume Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.111540  Longitude: 2.846880
Bapaume Post Military Cemetery, Albert, Somme — Latitude: 50.011890  Longitude: 2.673950
Barastre Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.080960  Longitude: 2.933730
Bayenghem-Les-Seninghem Churchyard, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.700190  Longitude: 2.074930
Bazentin-Le-Petit Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.032670  Longitude: 2.760220
Beacon Cemetery, Sailly-Laurette, Somme — Latitude: 49.936970  Longitude: 2.616680
Beaudignies Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.236220  Longitude: 3.585570
Beaulencourt British Cemetery, Ligny-Thilloy, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.079440  Longitude: 2.853770
Beaumetz Cross Roads Cemetery, Beaumetz-Les-Cambrai, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.115160  Longitude: 2.988760
Beaumont Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.394390  Longitude: 2.971650
Beauval Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.111550  Longitude: 2.329270
Beauvois-En-Cambresis Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.136210  Longitude: 3.385980
Bellacourt Military Cemetery, Riviere, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.231610  Longitude: 2.674360
Belle Vue British Cemetery, Briastre, Nord — Latitude: 50.161860  Longitude: 3.496350
Bellicourt British Cemetery, Aisne — Latitude: 49.961330  Longitude: 3.228910
Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban, Somme — Latitude: 50.011640  Longitude: 2.793300
Bertrancourt Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.100860  Longitude: 2.558730
Bertrancourt Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.090820  Longitude: 2.550830
Bethencourt Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.139390  Longitude: 3.434410
Bethune Town Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.536740  Longitude: 2.642770
Bienvillers Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.169360  Longitude: 2.607490
Blargies Communal Cemetery Extension, Oise — Latitude: 49.672810  Longitude: 1.771140
Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery Extension, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.469130  Longitude: 1.111910
Bois-Carre British Cemetery, Thelus, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.351250  Longitude: 2.810850
Bonnay Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.937350  Longitude: 2.504290
Bordeaux (Rue Judaique) Protestant Cemetery, Gironde — Latitude: 44.840680  Longitude: -0.594360
Borre British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.730110  Longitude: 2.583030
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.724830  Longitude: 1.622720
Boves West Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.845430  Longitude: 2.379940
Brest (Kerfautras) Cemetery, Finistere — Latitude: 48.399860  Longitude: -4.474990
Brewery Orchard Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.650580  Longitude: 2.875510
Brie British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.866220  Longitude: 2.932220
Brown’s Road Military Cemetery, Festubert, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.540450  Longitude: 2.733170
Bruay Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.486910  Longitude: 2.524730
Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.222150  Longitude: 2.762290
Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers, Somme — Latitude: 50.049170  Longitude: 2.828310
Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.040880  Longitude: 3.460530
Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.380610  Longitude: 2.741600
Caestre Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.759030  Longitude: 2.597010
Cagnicourt British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.213190  Longitude: 3.005120
Calais Southern Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.946030  Longitude: 1.885410
Cambrai East Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.178850  Longitude: 3.260840
Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, Nord — Latitude: 50.136700  Longitude: 3.015340
Cambrin Churchyard Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.510020  Longitude: 2.740880
Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville-St. Vaast, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.377250  Longitude: 2.764180
Carnoy Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.982210  Longitude: 2.754940
Cassel Cemetery — Latitude: 50.79904  Longitude: 2.49172
Caterpillar Valley (New Zealand) Memorial, Somme — Latitude: 50.026260  Longitude: 2.791970
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval, Somme — Latitude: 50.026260  Longitude: 2.791970
Caudry British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.120360  Longitude: 3.422900
Cerisy-Gailly Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.904240  Longitude: 2.631740
Chambieres French National Cemetery, Metz, Moselle — Latitude: 49.132950  Longitude: 6.194410
Cherbourg Old Communal Cemetery, Manche — Latitude: 49.636380  Longitude: -1.637220
Chocques Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.544190  Longitude: 2.575560
Choloy War Cemetery, Meurthe-et-Moselle — Latitude: 48.666690  Longitude: 5.850940
Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt, Somme — Latitude: 49.976350  Longitude: 2.718130
Cite Bonjean (New Zealand) Memorial, Nord — Latitude: 50.685740  Longitude: 2.863000
Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres, Nord — Latitude: 50.685740  Longitude: 2.863000
Colincamps Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.096000  Longitude: 2.600560
Conde-Sur-L’escaut Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.454470  Longitude: 3.590180
Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.915620  Longitude: 2.520530
Couin British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.139410  Longitude: 2.533460
Couin New British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.139570  Longitude: 2.533010
Courcelette British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.055870  Longitude: 2.734440
Courcelles-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.105820  Longitude: 2.585480
Creil Communal Cemetery, Oise — Latitude: 49.255270  Longitude: 2.475860
Croix-Du-Bac British Cemetery, Steenwerck, Nord — Latitude: 50.667120  Longitude: 2.797860
Cronenbourg French National Cemetery, Bas-Rhin — Latitude: 48.590120  Longitude: 7.729750
Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-Au-Bois, Nord — Latitude: 50.136140  Longitude: 3.626730
Crouy British Cemetery, Crouy-Sur-Somme, Somme — Latitude: 49.961860  Longitude: 2.083540
Crucifix Corner Cemetery, Villers-Bretonneux, Somme — Latitude: 49.853590  Longitude: 2.523970
Crump Trench British Cemetery, Fampoux, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.295330  Longitude: 2.886950
Dainville Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.282610  Longitude: 2.730780
Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz, Somme — Latitude: 49.999430  Longitude: 2.743710
Daours Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.905490  Longitude: 2.445770
Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, Somme — Latitude: 49.991690  Longitude: 2.688130
Delsaux Farm Cemetery, Beugny, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.108790  Longitude: 2.933830
Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval, Somme — Latitude: 50.024450  Longitude: 2.812700
Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.976840  Longitude: 2.624960
Dijon (Les Pejoces) Communal Cemetery, Cote-d’Or — Latitude: 47.304240  Longitude: 5.065040
Doingt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.923380  Longitude: 2.969550
Douai Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.364480  Longitude: 3.094500
Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1, Somme — Latitude: 50.154910  Longitude: 2.349650
Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.2, Somme — Latitude: 50.156160  Longitude: 2.350610
Dreux Communal Cemetery, Eure-et-Loir — Latitude: 48.742710  Longitude: 1.365750
Drummond Cemetery, Raillencourt, Nord — Latitude: 50.187030  Longitude: 3.200510
Duisans British Cemetery, Etrun, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.315870  Longitude: 2.674100
Dunkirk Town Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 51.030630  Longitude: 2.389670
Ebblinghem Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.734670  Longitude: 2.418550
Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont-St. Eloi, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.342150  Longitude: 2.687090
Englebelmer Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.056930  Longitude: 2.604250
Englebelmer Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.056860  Longitude: 2.604270
Erquinghem-Lys Churchyard Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.679130  Longitude: 2.846560
Esquelbecq Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.887060  Longitude: 2.416100
Estaires Communal Cemetery And Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.644870  Longitude: 2.728870
Etaples Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.534970  Longitude: 1.624680
Etretat Churchyard, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.707730  Longitude: 0.210590
Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps, Somme — Latitude: 50.101810  Longitude: 2.619720
Evreux Communal Cemetery, Eure — Latitude: 49.023410  Longitude: 1.155600
Faubourg D’amiens Cemetery, Arras, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.286700  Longitude: 2.760570
Favreuil British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.122440  Longitude: 2.864990
Fienvillers British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.115840  Longitude: 2.219880
Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery, Villers-Plouich, Nord — Latitude: 50.072750  Longitude: 3.139040
Fillievres British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.310930  Longitude: 2.165930
Fins New British Cemetery, Sorel-Le-Grand, Somme — Latitude: 50.032810  Longitude: 3.049120
Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, Somme — Latitude: 50.019800  Longitude: 2.758260
Flesquieres Hill British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.125130  Longitude: 3.124630
Foncquevillers Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.149280  Longitude: 2.626080
Fontaine-Au-Pire Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.130500  Longitude: 3.370100
Forceville Communal Cemetery And Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.062730  Longitude: 2.552370
Forenville Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.135110  Longitude: 3.280760
Franvillers Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.964960  Longitude: 2.510950
Frechencourt Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.964760  Longitude: 2.437570
Fricourt British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.995240  Longitude: 2.711500
Fricourt New Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.001240  Longitude: 2.708120
Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.60809  Longitude: 2.85212
Fruges Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.519080  Longitude: 2.135170
Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.145180  Longitude: 2.323270
Godewaersvelde British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.796180  Longitude: 2.652260
Gommecourt British Cemetery No.2, Hebuterne, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.130000  Longitude: 2.650150
Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery, Foncquevillers, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.143370  Longitude: 2.639430
Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boisselle, Somme — Latitude: 50.022580  Longitude: 2.705830
Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.048650  Longitude: 3.115930
Grevillers (New Zealand) Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.107780  Longitude: 2.820040
Grevillers British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.107780  Longitude: 2.820040
Grove Town Cemetery, Meaulte, Somme — Latitude: 49.964390  Longitude: 2.685420
Guards’ Cemetery, Lesboeufs, Somme — Latitude: 50.037600  Longitude: 2.853240
H.A.C. Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.172110  Longitude: 2.904920
Habarcq Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.307460  Longitude: 2.616160
Hallencourt Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.996050  Longitude: 1.882460
Halluin Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.779580  Longitude: 3.129510
Haverskerque British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.643560  Longitude: 2.559190
Hawthorn Ridge Cemetery No.2, Auchonvillers, Somme — Latitude: 50.078000  Longitude: 2.648180
Hazebrouck Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.716230  Longitude: 2.532800
Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres, Somme — Latitude: 49.872970  Longitude: 2.671680
Hebuterne Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.125550  Longitude: 2.631310
Hedauville Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.047520  Longitude: 2.564990
Heilly Station Cemetery, Mericourt-L’abbe, Somme — Latitude: 49.940810  Longitude: 2.541860
Hem Farm Military Cemetery, Hem-Monacu, Somme — Latitude: 49.953680  Longitude: 2.831570
Henin Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.218130  Longitude: 2.838750
Herbecourt British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.923400  Longitude: 2.835540
Hermies British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.111240  Longitude: 3.030800
Hermies Hill British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.111240  Longitude: 3.030800
Hersin Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.450760  Longitude: 2.652500
Hesdin Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.373990  Longitude: 2.050990
Highland Cemetery, Le Cateau, Nord — Latitude: 50.085850  Longitude: 3.547830
Hondeghem Churchyard, Nord — Latitude: 50.756730  Longitude: 2.521230
Honnechy British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.070730  Longitude: 3.475450
Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.688890  Longitude: 2.917320
Janval Cemetery, Dieppe, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.913870  Longitude: 1.069240
Jeancourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Aisne — Latitude: 49.925060  Longitude: 3.143080
Jonchery-Sur-Vesle British Cemetery, Marne — Latitude: 49.290640  Longitude: 3.808360
Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart, Somme — Latitude: 50.067560  Longitude: 2.643730
L’homme Mort British Cemetery, Ecoust-St. Mein, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.167310  Longitude: 2.873090
La Chapelette British And Indian Cemetery, Peronne, Somme — Latitude: 49.905620  Longitude: 2.929930
La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial, Seine-et-Marne — Latitude: 48.943380  Longitude: 3.124150
La Longueville Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.291110  Longitude: 3.849700
La Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie, Somme — Latitude: 49.910950  Longitude: 2.481650
La Ville-Aux-Bois British Cemetery, Aisne — Latitude: 49.430760  Longitude: 3.863780
Lapugnoy Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.517960  Longitude: 2.525320
Le Cateau Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.110450  Longitude: 3.527010
Le Mans West Cemetery, Sarthe — Latitude: 48.018890  Longitude: 0.192720
Le Quesnoy Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.255870  Longitude: 3.632840
Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.559990  Longitude: 2.723060
Le Touret Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.560410  Longitude: 2.723010
Le Treport Military Cemetery, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 50.057420  Longitude: 1.373230
Lebucquiere Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.111810  Longitude: 2.969250
Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.959960  Longitude: 1.825250
Les-Rues-Des-Vignes Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.098830  Longitude: 3.236480
Levallois-Perret Communal Cemetery, Paris, Hauts-de-Seine — Latitude: 48.899830  Longitude: 2.290400
Lievin Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.569230  Longitude: 2.478020
Lille Southern Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.612550  Longitude: 3.047180
Lillers Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.567960  Longitude: 2.479210
London Cemetery And Extension, Longueval, Somme — Latitude: 50.038820  Longitude: 2.782280
London Cemetery, Neuville-Vitasse, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.254050  Longitude: 2.806120
Longuenesse (St. Omer) Souvenir Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.730880  Longitude: 2.251260
Longueval Road Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.019160  Longitude: 2.798770
Loos British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.451540  Longitude: 2.797420
Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.460190  Longitude: 2.770960
Louvencourt Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.089290  Longitude: 2.503700
Louverval Military Cemetery, Doignies, Nord — Latitude: 50.136700  Longitude: 3.015340
Louvres Communal Cemetery, Val d’Oise — Latitude: 49.041730  Longitude: 2.509460
Mailly Wood Cemetery, Mailly-Maillet, Somme — Latitude: 50.076800  Longitude: 2.600790
Mailly-Maillet Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.085840  Longitude: 2.596370
Manchester Cemetery, Riencourt-Les-Bapaume, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.085330  Longitude: 2.889670
Marcoing British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.118040  Longitude: 3.187600
Marfaux (New Zealand) Memorial, Marne — Latitude: 49.164020  Longitude: 3.904010
Marfaux British Cemetery, Marne — Latitude: 49.164020  Longitude: 3.904010
Marissel French National Cemetery, Oise — Latitude: 49.441880  Longitude: 2.091120
Martinsart British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.037730  Longitude: 2.634870
Masnieres British Cemetery, Marcoing, Nord — Latitude: 50.122970  Longitude: 3.199210
Maubeuge (Sous-Le-Bois) Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.273220  Longitude: 3.937400
Maubeuge-Centre Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.284130  Longitude: 3.973490
Mazargues War Cemetery, Marseilles, Bouches-du-Rhone — Latitude: 43.249100  Longitude: 5.405310
Mericourt-L’abbe Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.952770  Longitude: 2.571650
Merville Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.645940  Longitude: 2.640690
Mesnil Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.048980  Longitude: 2.642100
Meteren Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.743640  Longitude: 2.689610
Metz-En-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.062260  Longitude: 3.075850
Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.002200  Longitude: 2.582090
Monchy British Cemetery, Monchy-Le-Preux, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.272450  Longitude: 2.875370
Mont de Cats, Canadian Plaques  — Latitude: 50.78587  Longitude: 2.66624
Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 50.046000  Longitude: 1.364890
Mont Noir Military Cemetery — Latitude: 50.77663  Longitude: 2.73821
Montcornet Military Cemetery, Aisne — Latitude: 49.690830  Longitude: 4.020710
Mory Abbey Military Cemetery, Mory, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.159180  Longitude: 2.859620
Mouvaux New Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.709230  Longitude: 3.126820
Naves Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.198650  Longitude: 3.308790
Neuville-Bourjonval British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.069060  Longitude: 3.030220
Nielles-Les-Blequin Churchyard, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.675070  Longitude: 2.029800
Nieppe Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.705990  Longitude: 2.841260
Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.483030  Longitude: 2.668730
Noreuil Australian Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.167620  Longitude: 2.933590
Norfolk Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, Somme — Latitude: 49.999480  Longitude: 2.692640
Ontario Cemetery, Sains-Les-Marquion, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.182640  Longitude: 3.072240
Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Extension, Bailleul, Nord — Latitude: 50.713930  Longitude: 2.685830
Ovillers Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.028440  Longitude: 2.691890
Peronne Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.935680  Longitude: 2.934400
Perreuse Chateau Franco British National Cemetery, Seine-et-Marne — Latitude: 48.917420  Longitude: 3.086550
Point-Du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.312860  Longitude: 2.835010
Pont-D’achelles Military Cemetery, Nieppe, Nord — Latitude: 50.715380  Longitude: 2.819070
Pont-Du-Hem Military Cemetery, La Gorgue, Nord — Latitude: 50.610390  Longitude: 2.749410
Pornic War Cemetery, Loire-Atlantique — Latitude: 47.118160  Longitude: -2.095640
Porte-De-Paris Cemetery, Cambrai, Nord — Latitude: 50.168710  Longitude: 3.228410
Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-La Boisselle, Somme — Latitude: 50.033780  Longitude: 2.715510
Pozieres Memorial, Somme — Latitude: 50.033790  Longitude: 2.715520
Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gouy, Aisne — Latitude: 50.002600  Longitude: 3.271360
Puchevillers British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.056130  Longitude: 2.395840
Quarry Cemetery, Montauban, Somme — Latitude: 50.014270  Longitude: 2.780770
Quarry Wood Cemetery, Sains-Les-Marquion, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.177410  Longitude: 3.079250
Queant Communal Cemetery British Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.182160  Longitude: 2.976500
Queant Road Cemetery, Buissy, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.193830  Longitude: 3.015020
Queens Cemetery, Bucquoy, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.133440  Longitude: 2.702470
Ration Farm Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.657370  Longitude: 2.888290
Recques-Sur-Hem Churchyard, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.836180  Longitude: 2.087540
Ribecourt British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.106620  Longitude: 3.132790
Ribecourt Railway Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.112300  Longitude: 3.134560
Ribecourt Road Cemetery, Trescault, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.093820  Longitude: 3.103090
Ribemont Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, Somme — Latitude: 49.965080  Longitude: 2.561560
Roclincourt Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.324690  Longitude: 2.785250
Roclincourt Valley Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.333220  Longitude: 2.804490
Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourt, Somme — Latitude: 50.044120  Longitude: 2.990060
Romeries Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.200730  Longitude: 3.523430
Rosieres Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.818000  Longitude: 2.700490
Rossignol Wood Cemetery, Hebuterne, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.129610  Longitude: 2.665420
Roye New British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.691520  Longitude: 2.808930
Rue-David Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.636740  Longitude: 2.851850
Rue-Des-Berceaux Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L’avoue, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.572270  Longitude: 2.744440
Rue-Du-Bacquerot (13Th London) Graveyard, Laventie, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.627340  Longitude: 2.796700
Rue-Du-Bois Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.629210  Longitude: 2.822770
Rue-Petillon Military Cemetery, Fleurbaix, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.631340  Longitude: 2.835670
Ruesnes Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.261690  Longitude: 3.582370
Rumilly-En-Cambresis Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord — Latitude: 50.126760  Longitude: 3.222200
Ruyaulcourt Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.089320  Longitude: 3.019010
Sailly-Au-Bois Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.122650  Longitude: 2.588480
Sailly-Sur-La-Lys Canadian Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.652710  Longitude: 2.763110
Saultain Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.337060  Longitude: 3.572220
Savy British Cemetery, Aisne — Latitude: 49.825200  Longitude: 3.191230
Serre Road Cemetery No.1, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.099960  Longitude: 2.657180
Serre Road Cemetery No.2, Somme — Latitude: 50.096700  Longitude: 2.651600
Sezanne Communal Cemetery, Marne — Latitude: 48.729140  Longitude: 3.729720
Shrine Cemetery, Bucquoy, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.142580  Longitude: 2.696130
Solesmes British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.181790  Longitude: 3.483620
Solesmes Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.185270  Longitude: 3.503760
Somme American Cemetery, Bony, Aisne — Latitude: 49.984370  Longitude: 3.214220
St. Amand British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.167740  Longitude: 2.562040
St. Aubert British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.203140  Longitude: 3.397220
St. Cloud Communal Cemetery, Hauts-de-Seine — Latitude: 48.848060  Longitude: 2.204840
St. Desir War Cemetery, Calvados — Latitude: 49.138520  Longitude: 0.162970
St. Erme Communal Cemetery Extension, Aisne — Latitude: 49.516550  Longitude: 3.843730
St. Hilaire Cemetery Extension, Frevent, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.280970  Longitude: 2.299090
St. Hilaire Cemetery, Frevent, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.280970  Longitude: 2.299090
St. Nicolas British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.303640  Longitude: 2.769930
St. Pierre Cemetery, Amiens, Somme — Latitude: 49.909770  Longitude: 2.328480
St. Pol British Cemetery, St. Pol-Sur-Ternoise, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.368870  Longitude: 2.331390
St. Pol Communal Cemetery Extension, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.381710  Longitude: 2.341750
St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.412630  Longitude: 1.069260
St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.412630  Longitude: 1.069260
St. Souplet British Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.052510  Longitude: 3.523540
St. Valery-En-Caux Franco-British Cemetery, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.860020  Longitude: 0.724230
St. Waast-La-Vallee Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.301780  Longitude: 3.756200
Staple Churchyard, Nord — Latitude: 50.748840  Longitude: 2.454730
Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre, Seine-Maritime — Latitude: 49.504290  Longitude: 0.130280
Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps, Somme — Latitude: 50.095810  Longitude: 2.623200
Sunken Road Cemetery, Boisleux-St. Marc, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.217350  Longitude: 2.789690
Sunken Road Cemetery, Contalmaison, Somme — Latitude: 50.029550  Longitude: 2.726460
Suzanne Military Cemetery No.3, Somme — Latitude: 49.961400  Longitude: 2.777120
Tank Cemetery, Guemappe, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.256900  Longitude: 2.879830
Templeux-Le-Guerard British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.962640  Longitude: 3.157580
Templeux-Le-Guerard Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.968350  Longitude: 3.151270
Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.744020  Longitude: 1.610130
Thelus Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.359690  Longitude: 2.791560
Thiant Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.303790  Longitude: 3.458090
Thiepval Anglo-French Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.050640  Longitude: 2.684090
Thiepval Memorial, Somme — Latitude: 50.050620  Longitude: 2.685710
Thilloy Road Cemetery, Beaulencourt, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.079480  Longitude: 2.853110
Thistle Dump Cemetery, High Wood, Longueval, Somme — Latitude: 50.029440  Longitude: 2.785190
Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.272700  Longitude: 2.818970
Tincourt New British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.939820  Longitude: 3.036550
Tourcoing (Pont-Neuville) Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.739900  Longitude: 3.175850
Tourgeville Military Cemetery, Calvados — Latitude: 49.339910  Longitude: 0.069010
Trescault Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.091650  Longitude: 3.094890
Triangle Cemetery, Inchy-En-Artois, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.173890  Longitude: 3.059270
Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, Nord — Latitude: 50.704150  Longitude: 2.803050
Unicorn Cemetery, Vendhuile, Aisne — Latitude: 49.996720  Longitude: 3.181910
V.C. Corner Australian Cemetery And Memorial, Fromelles, Nord — Latitude: 50.619390  Longitude: 2.833520
Vadencourt British Cemetery, Maissemy, Aisne — Latitude: 49.900600  Longitude: 3.177320
Vailly British Cemetery, Aisne — Latitude: 49.408760  Longitude: 3.509430
Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.367100  Longitude: 3.538920
Varennes Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.054500  Longitude: 2.526150
Vaulx Hill Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.151190  Longitude: 2.918600
Vergies Communal Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.928340  Longitude: 1.846820
Vertigneul Churchyard, Romeries, Nord — Latitude: 50.196330  Longitude: 3.547510
Viesly Communal Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.151030  Longitude: 3.471200
Vignacourt British Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 50.009610  Longitude: 2.205760
Villeneuve-St. Georges Old Communal Cemetery, Val de Marne — Latitude: 48.724790  Longitude: 2.451650
Villers Hill British Cemetery, Villers-Guislain, Nord — Latitude: 50.032920  Longitude: 3.161900
Villers Station Cemetery, Villers-Au-Bois, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.384540  Longitude: 2.655540
Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, Somme — Latitude: 49.886180  Longitude: 2.508030
Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, Somme — Latitude: 49.886180  Longitude: 2.508030
Villers-Faucon Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 49.979410  Longitude: 3.100090
Vimy Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.379500  Longitude: 2.773850
Vis-En-Artois Memorial, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.245750  Longitude: 2.949850
Wancourt British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.244750  Longitude: 2.878260
Warlencourt British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.080790  Longitude: 2.799110
Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.198350  Longitude: 2.518910
Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme — Latitude: 50.013110  Longitude: 2.528950
Wavans British Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.225800  Longitude: 2.156000
Wellington Cemetery, Rieux-En-Cambresis, Nord — Latitude: 50.209680  Longitude: 3.345210
Wimereux Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.773890  Longitude: 1.613330
Woburn Abbey Cemetery, Cuinchy, Pas de Calais — Latitude: 50.516860  Longitude: 2.750600
Y Farm Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 50.639630  Longitude: 2.864940
Zuydcoote Military Cemetery, Nord — Latitude: 51.061960  Longitude: 2.485490

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